Collection: Candles

Check out a complete selection of Above All Goddess spiritual candles used for spiritual, and religious prayer. We carry a variety of many different candles for your spiritual & religious needs. Whether you're looking at 7 days candles, image candles, saint candles, pullouts candles here at Above All Goddess Botanicas Spiritual Store, we have the best quality in Spiritual Candles. We have a huge selection and prices that you can not beat. Above All Goddess have the best quality spiritual candles in town. Enjoy a great selection of spiritual candles for your rituals and prayer needs. Check out what we have and have a happy shopping!

There is nothing more pleasing than the scent and look of a candle. No matter what sort of a household candle it is, it’s sure to bring a smile to your face. Whether it’s a palm oil candle, taper candle, votive candle or a tea light candle it will create a beautiful decoration in your home. 7 day candles, as well as 14 day candles, are a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of a candle, as well as create an ambiance attractive to positive energy. Choose from a rainbow of colors and an array of scents. Take your time and you will be sure to find the candle that best fits your needs.