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Oracle Guidance 

Oracle points the way to your highest good.

Oracle is a way to connect with higher wisdom pertaining to self, it allows one to reflect upon the past present and future. Oracle provides an understanding on which direction you’re headed in. Oracle helps gain wisdom and knowledge about one’s choices, consequences, thoughts, intentions and next action that will benefit your highest goal.  As the oracle unfolds one must go within and allow guidance to take form inside you. To help guide you, one integrates the egos. Soul and spirit to step into your purpose. Dimension where messages from spirit can be heard and where the soul awakens to inner truth. The voyage beckons to learn and grow, often embracing a life that can be filled with uncertainty and spiritual quest throughout our soul journey to transformation, healing, self awareness and self love. The activation of your inner self activates your intuition and supports ones in realizing one's purpose. You have a destiny so nothing is a consentient but rather planned it’s part of your destiny. 

Oracle can help you align to your inner spiritual self to learn your true purpose of your destiny. As if in comprehending events that transpire in your life behold the light within you. The soul journey is about learning experiences expanding and evolving. To advance means to grow. When our souls advance it grows consciousness and becomes aware of our true purpose. By changing our consciousness we can transform our lives. 

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